The Pilates industry is a competitive place.

New generations of instructors enter the market every month, hungry for work. New instructors, still assimilating anatomy, repertoire and teaching skills are expected to hit the ground running.

How do you become a really great instructor as quickly as possible and get the work you really want?

Having worked in the industry for many years the most common problems I see for developing and emergent Pilates Professional are:

  • overcueing - filling silence with too many cues, without letting instructions settle into their clients.
  • over scheduling - mistaking more complicated movements for more effective teaching
  • self care - not doing enough practise for yourself, not being clear on personal goals, overworking and not taking time to rest

You've got your qualification, now learn now to teach

The IAP was created for qualified instructors who want a better understanding of repertoire, more confidence in class planning and who are serious about kicking ass in the industry.  There are two options for enrolment.  Click through to find out more about each option.


Six month program duration

12 months tried and tested planned progressive programming for classes

Online learning that syncs with your teaching.

Monthly face to face teaching intensive (30 face to face hours)

1:1 individual coaching sessions 

Regular webinars

Access to private Facebook group

The IAP Incubator

5-week online program

A boot camp for your teaching skills, repertoire and career.  

Online learning that syncs with your teaching. 

The ability to pace your learning to suit your schedule

In-depth online learning portal and content

Access to private Facebook group